Gorgeous Xbox One as the Microsoft Breakthrough

Microsoft has been successful for its Project Scorpio on the recent few months, in which invites us to inquire if new version of Xbox One we will be produced. Actually, what has already existed is the simultaneous improvement of the system. Thus, we can start our research on the next Xbox One since the system does not add up to new machine. Perhaps, the existing machine is still used to work for new games as well as the new hardware for the old games. So here the upgrading process is applied. compared with the previous product, Xbox 360 – that is successful in the market, the fact faced by Microsoft is that next Xbox One has to be changed. In addition, the step that Microsoft takes to determine how the next Xbox One will be next year becomes vital. Through research conducted by Microsoft for pondering the console, it is found that for this generation there are certain things are less important for consoles, such as motion-sensing and touch-screen. This is really breakthrough for the plan in designing the next Xbox One. In other words, the existed potential paths should be pondered for Microsoft designs the next system, those potential paths include native 4K Ultra HD,virtual reality, and a portable handheld device.

Regarding the considerations to design the console, calculating the Xbox One Price, Microsoft might have neglected to mention that VR has hit the holiday season and has defeated Xbox One’s original version when it is firstly revealed. But different response and feedback come from gaming communities related to the released Xbox One. Mostly say that Microsoft is expected to have full bore on VR with the next Xbox One. In addition, Hicks says that both Xbox One and PS4 reflect similar characteristics which is being the most recent high profile online-focused console and online game. Hicks also adds that the world is going and we just wait for the exact time, when Microsoft is going to have an online console. Just remember that none of the company is likely to deal with TV as part of the system. Sooner, betting on what will happen next time, Microsoft will announce it with its still impressive games lineup first, that is anonymous next Xbox One.For game communities, importantly, the born console system has to be worthy and pride for the users. Expectation of the next Xbox One Specs courage Microsoft to create innovation that will be more sophisticated and easily operated.