Goodbye Deponia: Newest PC Game in 2013 for Us to Wait for

In the year of 2013, there are in fact quite a lot of new PC games that are about to be released in different release dates. One example of those games is Goodbye Deponia that is developed and also published by Deadalic Entertainment as the continuation of Deponia and also Chaos in Deponia. Even there is not much information about this newest PC game available, it is rumored that this one is quite worth it for us to wait for.


Until now, there are just few sources that can be used to know about this newest PC game. The first one is of course the official trailer that can now be watched in some sites in internet including the most famous video sharing site, YouTube. The duration of this trailer is so short and it seems that it is only a kind of teaser to increase people’s curiosity about the game. There is not much that can be concluded from this trailer video. One sure thing that can be seen from this trailer is the title of this game. If we see the main character in the trailer that is Rufus, there is a possibility for the game to be a fun one to play. Other than that, a high quality cartoon animation display is also the one that we can obtain from this game without any doubt.


It is not really known yet about when this newest PC game will be released for us to purchase and download. There is not any official announcement about that yet that comes from the developer of this game. Some rumors mentioned that it will be released in the Q3 of this year. If so, it seems that we do not have to wait for this game too long anymore since Q3 will come in no time. Hopefully, in the near future we will be able to receive more official information about this game from Deadalic Entertainment, including the information about the exact release date and also where we can get it or whether or not we can pre-order it before the release date comes.


The Release Date of the Newest Android Game Console, Nvidia Shield

July has come and it means that it is the time for you to mend the disappointment because of the delaying of Nvidia Shield game console that should have been released in the 27th of June, 2013. It is a fact that this delaying that is mentioned to happen because of some mechanical problems is rather shocking news for many people especially gamers who are waiting to get a new experience in playing Android games by using this console. As we all know, this game console is the one operated based on Android OS because it is an Android portable console. The shape of it looks so similar to a game controller only there is a 5” screen attached on it. Because of this design, it can be said that this game console has everything needed for gaming, which is in this case is display, comfortable controller, and also processor that makes it able to run any type of Android games.

The processor that makes Nvidia Shield game console runs is mentioned to be the fastest one in the category of mobile processor. This fact is certainly perfect because we all know that gaming is never better without any fast processor. Of course, the best thing about this game console is not only located in its processor but also in some features that it has. Even if it is named as an Android game console, it does not mean that it can be used to play games only. The fact is that other than its main function as a console for gaming, this device can also be used as a general Android device. You can use it to do activities in some social media sites. You can also use it to browse the internet. If you love to read, this device is good enough to be functioned also as e-reader. Moreover, you can use it to listen to music or even watch your favorite movies. It seems that this device bring all kinds of entertainment right in your hand.

Even now is already July, it is still not clear yet about when the exact date of release of Nvidia Shield game console. Some rumors mention that it will be released right a month after the delay time. It means that there is a possibility for this awesome game console to be released in the end of July, right? Even if it is so, still it is a rumor. It means that it is much better for us to wait for further announcement about when the console will be released. Let just hope that this month will exactly be the time when the game console will be released that we do not need to wait for any further anymore.