Ouya: A Gaming Console You Might Never Heard Before

In the year of 2013, there are quite a lot of new gaming consoles that are released. Some huge names that are already known since years ago are also included in the list, such as PSP and Nintendo. Among all game consoles that are released in the year of 2013, there is one which name you might never heard before. This one is nothing else but Ouya game console. This item was actually released for the first time in March, 2013. Even so, it is available for retail this June.


This Ouya game console is actually quite different in many ways. For example, at a glance the design and also shape of it looks very similar to a portable speaker which is completed with a controller. For you to know, this game console is not like any other portable game console, such as PSP or Nintendo that can directly be used to play game without any additional screen. The fact is that Ouya is the one that should be connected to TV, which will be used as the display screen of course, by using a cable with HDMI type. Even in the package there is only one controller included, this game console can in fact be used with more than just one controller at once. One good thing about its controller is that it is wireless so that it is certainly something with high level of flexibility to use.


The price applied to this Ouya game console is in fact not that high because it is just $99. When it comes to specifications, this game console is working under and Android OS 4.1 Jellybean. It has Quad-Core CPU inside. The rather small size of it that is only 75x75x82 mm makes it to be easy to bring everywhere. As long as there is TV available, it is so certain that this game console can be used to play games everywhere. One other good thing that can be found in Ouya is that you are free to try all games available for Ouya and will never be forced to purchase any. If during the trying you find one or more games that you think to be worth buying you can then purchase them.