Magnificent the Best PC Games with Many Players

Let’s check how many the best PC Games you have in your computer. There are million computer games have been created until now, and some of them simply put an ever-expanding collection of all around excellent titles. Any game that is still exist or available, and considered excellent when ranked against the best today is eligible. But now, we will figure out the best PC games ever.

  • The Adventures of Pip

One of the most well-known mini game developers, Tic Toc Games’, has releasing Adventures of Pip as affordable the best PC Games price in form of a side-scrolling game with action genre that has interesting storyline and also premise. This best PC game evolves and devolves a hero with pixel shape and can change from 1 bit shape to 16 bit to battle through several different level and fight its goons also the bosses in the end. The interesting game play and premise, environment with rich color and shape, and also the nice and simple game style have combined into one game despite its lack of power-us and weapon varieties. This game gets 4 stars.

  • Batman: Arkham City

If you are a Batman franchise freak as well as a gamer who play Batman: Arkham Asylum, you will definitely in love with this game. Check it out! Batman: Arkham City is the sequel of Arkham Asylum. As the developer, Rocksteady Studios takes many things from the predecessor, Asylum that worked so well on the player, for example the fighting style and also the well-known voice actors although it will make the game has less innovations. In spite of that, this game is a must for fighting and also action as well adventurous game lovers. Similar with adventure of pip, 4 stars are given for this game.

  • Star wars: the old republic

This game belongs to the best PC game because it rates 5 stars. Perfect! The idea of revealing the new story for starwars series always becomes debatable topic among game lovers. As we see in the beginning, if you are the fans of Star Wars franchise you should know that this The Old Republic is an games of MMO which has event that occurs after a millennia of A New Hope. Bioware, the developer of starwars game, then has the freedom to create an exciting new story, such as the recently released Knights of the Eternal Throne. The story appears with the expansion that is set within the established Star Wars universe. The freedom, furthermore, is mixed with system of dynamic dialogue released by Bioware, battle that has thrilling atmosphere, and also system free-to-play that  cost no money for casual player. The result is the production of a magnificent MMO games that becomes the more and more popular as well as the title.

  • Dota 2

One of the most famous games that released almost one decade ago is the Defense of the Ancients 2 or usually called DOTA 2. This MOBA games is one of free-to-play game that is perfectly easy to learn but it takes a lot of effort and time to master. There are almost 111 playable characters or heroes that you can play to storm through the battlefield. Each hero has its own unique skills and different play style. Also they have marvelous attributes that can raise your team’s victory percentage. In spite of that, DOTA 2 also has weakness which is its graphical flair. But do not worry, because it is considered as the most balance game nowadays. It is worthy that DOTA 2 becomes the best PC Games specs ever.