Wonderful League of the Legends Compared with Other Games

Computer games have dominated the online market for more than one decades, and one of them is League of the Legends. During this year, two games that attrack people’s attention are League of Legends and World of Warcraft. These games occupy the first and second rank. However, Blizzard exists in the third position and be a strong rival as well.

League of Legends has been well know in online market since 2012. This massive popular game has about 32 million unique players every month which means that there are 12 million people play this game per day. As its development, the number of people who play League of the Legends game increases fast, reaching 100 million players per month with around one billion hour-play. What makes you hesitate not to play this game? Regarding Blizzard game achievement for what they are doing, the fact that it takes the top three best computer games is not bad. Though it has drastic loss of player over the years, the game still makes it into top three. Blizzard should be happy that Overwatch quickly ranked in the top three, which directly stay still as one of the best computer games. Now, this is the right time to start playing the game since new MMO is ready.

Instead of the two games mentioned previously the World of warcraft apparently becomes the rival for the league of the legends in the online market. The lost subscribers is also experienced by World of Warcraft game last year. Nevertheless, this game still remains the second place of the chart, meaning that this game is still popular. The developer always tries to boost in players, moreover due to the Blizzard’s new game Overwatch. The expectation is WoW has about 5.5 million players per month. Most people also comment on this game that WoW game, especially Orcs & Humans which is got the movie treatment. Being rather polarizing to a lot of fans and critics, better if you directly check out the movie. Believe that you will get the most amusing and fantastic experiences to join the game. Don’t think that you are gamers if you aren’t gaming before installing League of the Legends player on your personal computer.


Types of Gamers You Can Find in Common Gaming Communities

If you have a plan to join in a gaming community, it seems to be good for you to know that usually in the community there are some different types of gamers gather so that you can place yourself in the right position later when you finally join in the community. The first type that you have to know is casual gamers. People who are included in this type can be said to be have interest in gaming but they play games to have fun only. That is why this kind of gamers usually prefers to play games with ease. That way they can really have fun with games.


Other example of types of gamers that you have to know also refer those with a little bit higher level compared to the casual ones. These gamers are usually called as mid-core gamers. If compared to casual gamers, the interest of these gamers in gaming is more various. Of course the variety also includes the type of games that they usually play. They do not really cover themselves from games with higher level of difficulty. Even if sometimes they cannot really solve the games in the end, at least they try and they still have fun in playing the games.


The last but not least example of most common types of gamers is hardcore gamers. This type can be said to be the highest one if compared to the previous two types. These gamers are really serious about gaming. That is why sometime or even often they spend their time in playing games. Even if usually each of them has favorite type of game, they can be said to be able to play any type of game. When they choose a game to play, usually they will not leave it and change to play another game until they can really master this one even if the level of difficulty is rather high. It is so reasonable then if these gamers are also called to be geeks in gaming. One other thing that you have to know about them is that sometimes, hardcore gamers are also pro-gamers who use their excellent ability in gaming to create cash in many ways.


The Benefits of Joining in Gaming Communities

If you are interested in gaming, even if you are not really a serious gamer, joining in gaming communities seems to be an act that you should try to do. Many people, of course those who already join in some certain communities before, mention that there are in fact some benefits that you can get from this kind of community. The first benefit is that it will be easier for you to get latest info in gaming. Of course the type of info that you can receive from the community can be various. It is not only limited in some new or even upcoming games. Instead, the information can also be about latest gaming technologies, including consoles, gadget, and many others.

In gaming communities, you can also get some tips about gaming.  If you want to, you can also share your own tips which are related to the games you play. One thing that you have to pay attention to is that sometimes, there are certain rules applied in every community. Sometimes the rules forbid you to share some types of tips, a walkthrough for example. That is why, when you join in the community you have to know also about the rules applied to it. If there is no certain rule, it seems to be better for you to share general tips only to avoid some misunderstanding or even sharing unwanted spoiler information.

Nowadays gaming communities are more beneficial for all types of gamers because usually they are offered in the form of online forum. It means that most activities done in the communities that you choose to join will be done via internet so that you do not really need to go anywhere you be involved. Even if online activities are done more in this kind of community, still there is a possibility for real meeting to be held once in a while. This kind of meeting, or which is more common to be called as gathering, is a chance for you to meet in person people you usually meet virtually in the online forums. It is certainly a very good chance for you to increase the bound between you and other members of the communities.


Release Date of Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console might be a gaming gadget that you are waiting for all this time. It is so good to know that more complete information about is has been announced officially, including when it will be released. It is mentioned that, even the exact date has not been known yet, this game console will be available to purchase in November, 2013. Even the time is still quite long to wait still this information is a great news for you to know, right? To make the news complete, you have to know that this released ate schedule is applicable only in some areas, such as US, UK, and also some other areas around them.


Other than the estimation of release date of Xbox One Console, there are of course some other official information has been known about it till now. Let us say that the price applied for this game console is also known already. This price is approximately $499. Even this price sounds to be quite high, it is in fact something equals to some new things that can be found in this upcoming game console. For example, there design applied to it is different with its other previous siblings. As an entertainment system that is mentioned to be all-in-one, the design of this console is simple yet bold. The color applied to is quite the same with some previous Xbox, which is black.


For the specifications, Xbox One Console is completed with 500GB hard drive and also 8GB DDR3 RAM. Other than that, it is also completed with Wi-Fi connectivity that is functioned more for data exchanging. This feature is also the one that can be used in the new controller used for the console. One interesting feature that can be found in this gaming console is that there is Kinect technology inside it. One awesome function that you can try by using this built-in technology is turning on the console by saying some words only. Those words are “Xbox on”. This new technology in Xbox game console generation is certainly the one that makes it to be something worth it to wait for.