Breathtaking the Legend of Zelda Games as the Most Popular One

Are you a gamer? That’s not inquired if the legend of Zelda games makes you forget everything by only bringing you to take part of a world which is full of discovery, exploration, and adventure. In this game, you feel the adventure by traveling across fields, walking through forests and mountain peaks. Then you enable to discover what has become of the destroyed kingdom of Hyrule in this open-air adventure.Then, your creativity will be explored when you face the wilds of Hyrule. The challenge when you play of the the legend Zelda games is you may explore any way you like, but you still need to battle. Feel the adventure when climbing up towers and mountain peaks, enjoy the discovery when searching new destinations, setting your own path and plunging into the wilderness. The challenge might not finish because during your journey you need to battle against the enemies, hunt wild animals and gather ingredients for the food and elixirs you’ll need to sustain. Thus, your imagination world can be presented in the legend of Zelda games.

The Legend of Zelda Games uniqueness not only provides adventure experiences but also need smartness. You are demanded to use your critical thinking to solve the puzzle or trap. Being displayed in more than 100 Shrines of Trials, the Shrines dot the landscape, waiting to be discovered in any order you want. Then, you have to search for them in various ways as well as solve a variety of puzzles inside. On your adventure, you have to collect the rewards that help you work on your way through the traps. The excitement of playing the legend of Zelda games is that you are satisfied by the amusement, experience, and strategy.

Instead of the interesting story line provided in the games, the legend of Zelda games need some technical tips on the show or your performance. First, good preparation is necessary. Make sure you are properly equipped with the outfits and weapons. Since the entire world is waiting to be explored, you will need a variety of clothes that could be put on different places. The point is the outfit should be adjusted to the fields you explore. For example, you may need to get warmer clothes or change into something better ones to the desert heat. Sometimes you also need some clothing that even has special effects, for example, the clothes can make your moving faster. Second, battle is not just a fight between armed forces. In the legend of Zelda games, battle requires strategy because the world is occupied with enemies with various shapes and sizes. Different enemies surely need different strategies on winning the game. Besides, since each enemy has its own way and weapon to attack, you must think quickly and develop the right strategy to kick them all down. Playing the The Legend of Zelda Games playtime is believed to improve your motoric and intelligence.


Release Date of Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console might be a gaming gadget that you are waiting for all this time. It is so good to know that more complete information about is has been announced officially, including when it will be released. It is mentioned that, even the exact date has not been known yet, this game console will be available to purchase in November, 2013. Even the time is still quite long to wait still this information is a great news for you to know, right? To make the news complete, you have to know that this released ate schedule is applicable only in some areas, such as US, UK, and also some other areas around them.


Other than the estimation of release date of Xbox One Console, there are of course some other official information has been known about it till now. Let us say that the price applied for this game console is also known already. This price is approximately $499. Even this price sounds to be quite high, it is in fact something equals to some new things that can be found in this upcoming game console. For example, there design applied to it is different with its other previous siblings. As an entertainment system that is mentioned to be all-in-one, the design of this console is simple yet bold. The color applied to is quite the same with some previous Xbox, which is black.


For the specifications, Xbox One Console is completed with 500GB hard drive and also 8GB DDR3 RAM. Other than that, it is also completed with Wi-Fi connectivity that is functioned more for data exchanging. This feature is also the one that can be used in the new controller used for the console. One interesting feature that can be found in this gaming console is that there is Kinect technology inside it. One awesome function that you can try by using this built-in technology is turning on the console by saying some words only. Those words are “Xbox on”. This new technology in Xbox game console generation is certainly the one that makes it to be something worth it to wait for.


GameStick: Android Gaming Console for You to Consider

The year of 2013 seems to full of new technologies in gaming. One of the technologies that seems to be more and more popular this time is Android gaming console that can be used to play games on TV instead of Android devices. From some hot gaming console with Android OS that are known until now, even if they have not been released yet, one that seems to arrest quite a lot of attentions is GameStick. Even this new game console is not yet available for you to purchase, it is already available for pre-order. Complete information about the pre-order can be known in the official web page of GameStick.


So, what is special about this Android gaming console? It is so obvious that this console can be used to play Android games on TV just like what is said in the previous brief explanation. In other words, it can be said that because of this gadget, Android gaming experience can be obtained better and of course more comfortable. One thing that still remains a question about it is that whether or not the display quality of the games will be reduced because the games are played on bigger screen compared to the screens of any other Android devices. If the developer already create this game console and moreover it will be ready to order soon, it seems that this kind of problem will never occur.


The controller available for this Android gaming console is wireless. It certainly adds more comfort value in using the device to play games. Even this gaming console is rather small it is quite surprising that the storage capacity offered for it is quite large so that the number of Android games can be saved in it can be much too. There is also a slot for Micro SD already built in this gaming console so that bigger storage capacity can certainly be increased. It is mentioned that the storage capacity can be upgraded for up to 32GB. Other than the main console, there are some other accessories that will be available too for better gaming experience, including extra controller and also dock.


Ouya: A Gaming Console You Might Never Heard Before

In the year of 2013, there are quite a lot of new gaming consoles that are released. Some huge names that are already known since years ago are also included in the list, such as PSP and Nintendo. Among all game consoles that are released in the year of 2013, there is one which name you might never heard before. This one is nothing else but Ouya game console. This item was actually released for the first time in March, 2013. Even so, it is available for retail this June.


This Ouya game console is actually quite different in many ways. For example, at a glance the design and also shape of it looks very similar to a portable speaker which is completed with a controller. For you to know, this game console is not like any other portable game console, such as PSP or Nintendo that can directly be used to play game without any additional screen. The fact is that Ouya is the one that should be connected to TV, which will be used as the display screen of course, by using a cable with HDMI type. Even in the package there is only one controller included, this game console can in fact be used with more than just one controller at once. One good thing about its controller is that it is wireless so that it is certainly something with high level of flexibility to use.


The price applied to this Ouya game console is in fact not that high because it is just $99. When it comes to specifications, this game console is working under and Android OS 4.1 Jellybean. It has Quad-Core CPU inside. The rather small size of it that is only 75x75x82 mm makes it to be easy to bring everywhere. As long as there is TV available, it is so certain that this game console can be used to play games everywhere. One other good thing that can be found in Ouya is that you are free to try all games available for Ouya and will never be forced to purchase any. If during the trying you find one or more games that you think to be worth buying you can then purchase them.