Gorgeous Xbox One as the Microsoft Breakthrough

Microsoft has been successful for its Project Scorpio on the recent few months, in which invites us to inquire if new version of Xbox One we will be produced. Actually, what has already existed is the simultaneous improvement of the system. Thus, we can start our research on the next Xbox One since the system does not add up to new machine. Perhaps, the existing machine is still used to work for new games as well as the new hardware for the old games. So here the upgrading process is applied. compared with the previous product, Xbox 360 – that is successful in the market, the fact faced by Microsoft is that next Xbox One has to be changed. In addition, the step that Microsoft takes to determine how the next Xbox One will be next year becomes vital. Through research conducted by Microsoft for pondering the console, it is found that for this generation there are certain things are less important for consoles, such as motion-sensing and touch-screen. This is really breakthrough for the plan in designing the next Xbox One. In other words, the existed potential paths should be pondered for Microsoft designs the next system, those potential paths include native 4K Ultra HD,virtual reality, and a portable handheld device.

Regarding the considerations to design the console, calculating the Xbox One Price, Microsoft might have neglected to mention that VR has hit the holiday season and has defeated Xbox One’s original version when it is firstly revealed. But different response and feedback come from gaming communities related to the released Xbox One. Mostly say that Microsoft is expected to have full bore on VR with the next Xbox One. In addition, Hicks says that both Xbox One and PS4 reflect similar characteristics which is being the most recent high profile online-focused console and online game. Hicks also adds that the world is going and we just wait for the exact time, when Microsoft is going to have an online console. Just remember that none of the company is likely to deal with TV as part of the system. Sooner, betting on what will happen next time, Microsoft will announce it with its still impressive games lineup first, that is anonymous next Xbox One.For game communities, importantly, the born console system has to be worthy and pride for the users. Expectation of the next Xbox One Specs courage Microsoft to create innovation that will be more sophisticated and easily operated.


Fabulous Upcoming PS5 with High Specs

The world wide game, Play Station (PS), always presents more upgrade console system year by year with its technological innovation, and the latest is upcoming PS5. For example, the latest version of PS4 Pro, a mid-generation console upgrade that is expanded the hardware’s functionality. It becomes the system that is capable of both HDR and 4K gameplay. A question then comes up among game developer, what is the next version of playstation? It’s hard to say whether Sony will produce an upcoming PS5 and how its performance will be. Since the console market is currently in a weird place, this brings big implications for the form of PS5 might end up. However, the console company has also negotiation with the board member, what is the best PS4 quality that they should produce.

This probably invites all game developers and game players to question, even this is quite debatable topic to know what is Sony’s next project. Some think that depends on Microsoft which is considered as Sony’s rival in the competition of console game developer, does this year. If Microsoft has successfully released its latest project which is called Project Scorpio, that might becomes some difficult troubles that appears inside Sony company. It means that Sony should make the upcoming PS5 more spectacular. But, again, this is still mystery. Therefore, instead of twiddling our thumbs and waiting for Sony’s explanation, it is good if we figure out what PS5 is coming out especially the upcoming PS5 specs.

A group of people that pays attention to the development of console game believe that Microsoft as giant developer will launch a special system, it’s hardly means that Sony as a rival will encounter immediately the upcoming PS5. Some factors might influence to take the console system upgrade in a very long sequence, even a year, including the existence of upcoming PS5. Even Yoshida, CEO of Sony, considers that the more sustainable one console in a glass shelves, it will become more and more giving maximum profit. Meanwhile, the upcoming PS5 product will be prepared. The rumors might be spread out, but the answer is still not exact. Furthermore, the speculation raises to the surface about how if PS5 takes Virtual Reality (VR) to a new level. It’s a good bet that presuming VR is successful triggers Sony to return to the market with higher-tech innovation, which would provide an obvious selling point for the upcoming PS5 price which is suitable for its specs.


PS4 to be Released on October, 2013

In the year of 2013, there are at least 4 different game consoles that are or are about to be released. Those are Ouya, Nvidia Shield, Xbox One, and also PlayStation 4 game console. This time, let us talk more and about PS4 instead of any other new game consoles that can be found in this year. Lately, the talk about this game console seems to be even more intents. Moreover, there is quite a lot of news about this game console shared here and there. Do you know about what the most trending news about it? It is no other else but the release date of this console. It seems to get surer and surer that this game console will be released in October that is also the Q4 of this year. Even the exact date has not been announced yet, some mention that it will be on the 29th of October, 2013.

The predicted release date of PlayStation 4 game console is certainly earlier than the scheduled release date of Xbox because Xbox is mentioned to be released a month later. The question is which one will you choose is you are really looking for a new game console to purchase this year? Since the main topic that we are talking about here is PS4, here are some points of consideration that you have to know about why you should choose PS4 instead of Xbox One. The very basic thing about this one is that it is released earlier so that you will never need to wait for too long to get a new console for your gaming need.

Other than the basic reason as mentioned earlier, it seems that there are more reasons, or more suitable to be called as factors about why you have to choose PlayStation 4 game console. The first one is price factor. PS4 is the one that is sold in more affordable price if compared to Xbox One. It means that you can really make a saving when you choose it instead of the other option. One thing that you have to consider here is that price is a quite significant detail that most people think when they are about to get a new device to purchase. You might also think the same way they do. Other than price, this game console is better to choose than Xbox One because it does not really need to be connected to internet for the check-in need white Xbox One does. Well, those are just few differences that you can find in both game console that suggest you to choose PS4 more than the other one. If you think that those differences are the significant ones, of course there is no reason for you to choose Xbox One instead of PS4. That is why the only think that you need to wait for from now on is October when the console will be released.


The Release Date of the Newest Android Game Console, Nvidia Shield

July has come and it means that it is the time for you to mend the disappointment because of the delaying of Nvidia Shield game console that should have been released in the 27th of June, 2013. It is a fact that this delaying that is mentioned to happen because of some mechanical problems is rather shocking news for many people especially gamers who are waiting to get a new experience in playing Android games by using this console. As we all know, this game console is the one operated based on Android OS because it is an Android portable console. The shape of it looks so similar to a game controller only there is a 5” screen attached on it. Because of this design, it can be said that this game console has everything needed for gaming, which is in this case is display, comfortable controller, and also processor that makes it able to run any type of Android games.

The processor that makes Nvidia Shield game console runs is mentioned to be the fastest one in the category of mobile processor. This fact is certainly perfect because we all know that gaming is never better without any fast processor. Of course, the best thing about this game console is not only located in its processor but also in some features that it has. Even if it is named as an Android game console, it does not mean that it can be used to play games only. The fact is that other than its main function as a console for gaming, this device can also be used as a general Android device. You can use it to do activities in some social media sites. You can also use it to browse the internet. If you love to read, this device is good enough to be functioned also as e-reader. Moreover, you can use it to listen to music or even watch your favorite movies. It seems that this device bring all kinds of entertainment right in your hand.

Even now is already July, it is still not clear yet about when the exact date of release of Nvidia Shield game console. Some rumors mention that it will be released right a month after the delay time. It means that there is a possibility for this awesome game console to be released in the end of July, right? Even if it is so, still it is a rumor. It means that it is much better for us to wait for further announcement about when the console will be released. Let just hope that this month will exactly be the time when the game console will be released that we do not need to wait for any further anymore.