Magnificent the Best PC Games with Many Players

Let’s check how many the best PC Games you have in your computer. There are million computer games have been created until now, and some of them simply put an ever-expanding collection of all around excellent titles. Any game that is still exist or available, and considered excellent when ranked against the best today is eligible. But now, we will figure out the best PC games ever.

  • The Adventures of Pip

One of the most well-known mini game developers, Tic Toc Games’, has releasing Adventures of Pip as affordable the best PC Games price in form of a side-scrolling game with action genre that has interesting storyline and also premise. This best PC game evolves and devolves a hero with pixel shape and can change from 1 bit shape to 16 bit to battle through several different level and fight its goons also the bosses in the end. The interesting game play and premise, environment with rich color and shape, and also the nice and simple game style have combined into one game despite its lack of power-us and weapon varieties. This game gets 4 stars.

  • Batman: Arkham City

If you are a Batman franchise freak as well as a gamer who play Batman: Arkham Asylum, you will definitely in love with this game. Check it out! Batman: Arkham City is the sequel of Arkham Asylum. As the developer, Rocksteady Studios takes many things from the predecessor, Asylum that worked so well on the player, for example the fighting style and also the well-known voice actors although it will make the game has less innovations. In spite of that, this game is a must for fighting and also action as well adventurous game lovers. Similar with adventure of pip, 4 stars are given for this game.

  • Star wars: the old republic

This game belongs to the best PC game because it rates 5 stars. Perfect! The idea of revealing the new story for starwars series always becomes debatable topic among game lovers. As we see in the beginning, if you are the fans of Star Wars franchise you should know that this The Old Republic is an games of MMO which has event that occurs after a millennia of A New Hope. Bioware, the developer of starwars game, then has the freedom to create an exciting new story, such as the recently released Knights of the Eternal Throne. The story appears with the expansion that is set within the established Star Wars universe. The freedom, furthermore, is mixed with system of dynamic dialogue released by Bioware, battle that has thrilling atmosphere, and also system free-to-play that  cost no money for casual player. The result is the production of a magnificent MMO games that becomes the more and more popular as well as the title.

  • Dota 2

One of the most famous games that released almost one decade ago is the Defense of the Ancients 2 or usually called DOTA 2. This MOBA games is one of free-to-play game that is perfectly easy to learn but it takes a lot of effort and time to master. There are almost 111 playable characters or heroes that you can play to storm through the battlefield. Each hero has its own unique skills and different play style. Also they have marvelous attributes that can raise your team’s victory percentage. In spite of that, DOTA 2 also has weakness which is its graphical flair. But do not worry, because it is considered as the most balance game nowadays. It is worthy that DOTA 2 becomes the best PC Games specs ever.


Wonderful League of the Legends Compared with Other Games

Computer games have dominated the online market for more than one decades, and one of them is League of the Legends. During this year, two games that attrack people’s attention are League of Legends and World of Warcraft. These games occupy the first and second rank. However, Blizzard exists in the third position and be a strong rival as well.

League of Legends has been well know in online market since 2012. This massive popular game has about 32 million unique players every month which means that there are 12 million people play this game per day. As its development, the number of people who play League of the Legends game increases fast, reaching 100 million players per month with around one billion hour-play. What makes you hesitate not to play this game? Regarding Blizzard game achievement for what they are doing, the fact that it takes the top three best computer games is not bad. Though it has drastic loss of player over the years, the game still makes it into top three. Blizzard should be happy that Overwatch quickly ranked in the top three, which directly stay still as one of the best computer games. Now, this is the right time to start playing the game since new MMO is ready.

Instead of the two games mentioned previously the World of warcraft apparently becomes the rival for the league of the legends in the online market. The lost subscribers is also experienced by World of Warcraft game last year. Nevertheless, this game still remains the second place of the chart, meaning that this game is still popular. The developer always tries to boost in players, moreover due to the Blizzard’s new game Overwatch. The expectation is WoW has about 5.5 million players per month. Most people also comment on this game that WoW game, especially Orcs & Humans which is got the movie treatment. Being rather polarizing to a lot of fans and critics, better if you directly check out the movie. Believe that you will get the most amusing and fantastic experiences to join the game. Don’t think that you are gamers if you aren’t gaming before installing League of the Legends player on your personal computer.


Get Free New PC Games Online

When you feel so bored, what will you do? Most people will choose to do all things that will make them feel fun. Some people who like to listen to the music can play MP3 and then listen to their favorite songs. Other people who like watching film can go to theater and then enjoy their favorite film. For you who like to play game, you just need to turn on your computer and then play your favorite games. Sometime you also feel so bored with your pc games. You need new pc games. It is simple for you to get new games via online. You can get pc games for free when you search via online.


One of new games that you can play is Robin’s Island Adventure. It is simple pc games for you. The main job for the player is to build a ship and then you must leave the island with the ship. Before you can leave the island, you must build a house in the island first. You also need to find all tools that will make you easy to build a ship. When you don’t pass this step yet, you will not be able to leave the island. You also must find the strategy to leave the island with your ship. It is important to know where will you go and then find the hidden object.


The final job for this game is to sail away and get all hidden objects. You must pass three levels and you can win the game. Before you play the game, you can see the tutorial first. You will need to read the tutorial because you need to use some tools in your keyboard to play this game. You can download this game for free. You need to find the latest version of this game and then start to download. Please make sure that your computer uses Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. It is simple but fun game for you. It can be played by all people even children. There are some other pc games that you can find in some sites in the internet too.

Goodbye Deponia: Newest PC Game in 2013 for Us to Wait for

In the year of 2013, there are in fact quite a lot of new PC games that are about to be released in different release dates. One example of those games is Goodbye Deponia that is developed and also published by Deadalic Entertainment as the continuation of Deponia and also Chaos in Deponia. Even there is not much information about this newest PC game available, it is rumored that this one is quite worth it for us to wait for.


Until now, there are just few sources that can be used to know about this newest PC game. The first one is of course the official trailer that can now be watched in some sites in internet including the most famous video sharing site, YouTube. The duration of this trailer is so short and it seems that it is only a kind of teaser to increase people’s curiosity about the game. There is not much that can be concluded from this trailer video. One sure thing that can be seen from this trailer is the title of this game. If we see the main character in the trailer that is Rufus, there is a possibility for the game to be a fun one to play. Other than that, a high quality cartoon animation display is also the one that we can obtain from this game without any doubt.


It is not really known yet about when this newest PC game will be released for us to purchase and download. There is not any official announcement about that yet that comes from the developer of this game. Some rumors mentioned that it will be released in the Q3 of this year. If so, it seems that we do not have to wait for this game too long anymore since Q3 will come in no time. Hopefully, in the near future we will be able to receive more official information about this game from Deadalic Entertainment, including the information about the exact release date and also where we can get it or whether or not we can pre-order it before the release date comes.