World of Warcraft Movie Shooting in the Beginning of 2014

When talking about World of Warcraft, it is so certain that what we are talking about is a MMORPG game that is so famous in all over the world since it was released for the first time in the year of 2004. Even that was long ago, it is so good to know that this game is still popular until now. Moreover, its popularity can in fact be said to be an awesome one because this game is also known to be the most-subscribed in the world by March, 2013. The huge popularity of this game seems to be the one that makes the game will be made in another form, which is no other else bit World of Warcraft movie.

For the fans of WoW, World of Warcraft movie will certainly be something interesting and of course worth it to wait for. The fact that you have to know about this movie is that it is actually has been planned to be created since a quite long time ago. Even so, the production of this movie will just be started in the beginning of 2014. At least, it is the news that is mentioned by the official producer of this future movie, Charles Roven. Even the producer has been known the one who will be the director of this movie is still unknown actually. Even so, it seems to be positive that the director will be Duncan Jones who is mentioned to already start the very beginning process of the project since now.

Until now, there is no other information found yet about this World of Warcraft movie, which is no other else but a movie that is created based on the world’s most famous MMORPG. While more and more curiosity about this movie gets even bigger, especially among the fans of the online game, some rumors about the movie are also found in many varieties. Let us say that there is a rumor about when the movie will be released. It is mentioned that it will be available for all of us to watch sometime in the year of 2016.


PS4 to be Released on October, 2013

In the year of 2013, there are at least 4 different game consoles that are or are about to be released. Those are Ouya, Nvidia Shield, Xbox One, and also PlayStation 4 game console. This time, let us talk more and about PS4 instead of any other new game consoles that can be found in this year. Lately, the talk about this game console seems to be even more intents. Moreover, there is quite a lot of news about this game console shared here and there. Do you know about what the most trending news about it? It is no other else but the release date of this console. It seems to get surer and surer that this game console will be released in October that is also the Q4 of this year. Even the exact date has not been announced yet, some mention that it will be on the 29th of October, 2013.

The predicted release date of PlayStation 4 game console is certainly earlier than the scheduled release date of Xbox because Xbox is mentioned to be released a month later. The question is which one will you choose is you are really looking for a new game console to purchase this year? Since the main topic that we are talking about here is PS4, here are some points of consideration that you have to know about why you should choose PS4 instead of Xbox One. The very basic thing about this one is that it is released earlier so that you will never need to wait for too long to get a new console for your gaming need.

Other than the basic reason as mentioned earlier, it seems that there are more reasons, or more suitable to be called as factors about why you have to choose PlayStation 4 game console. The first one is price factor. PS4 is the one that is sold in more affordable price if compared to Xbox One. It means that you can really make a saving when you choose it instead of the other option. One thing that you have to consider here is that price is a quite significant detail that most people think when they are about to get a new device to purchase. You might also think the same way they do. Other than price, this game console is better to choose than Xbox One because it does not really need to be connected to internet for the check-in need white Xbox One does. Well, those are just few differences that you can find in both game console that suggest you to choose PS4 more than the other one. If you think that those differences are the significant ones, of course there is no reason for you to choose Xbox One instead of PS4. That is why the only think that you need to wait for from now on is October when the console will be released.


Better Android Gaming with Featured Games for Nvidia Shield

It is July now and it means that one of the newest game consoles that seem to arrest the attentions of so many gamers since the name of it mentioned, Nvidia Shield, will be released in no time. As schedule, July, 2013 is the time when this spectacular game console will be released. That is why news about it can be something so interesting for all of us to know. Since many people already talked about the console, why do not we try to talk about something else here, such as featured games for Nvidia Shield? As we all know, this game console is the portable one and it is designed very especially to increase the level of playing Android games to the higher one. That is why it is reasonable also for this console to be mentioned as something to create perfection in Android gaming.

When we are talking about featured games for Nvidia Shield, there are in fact so many games that we can choose. One sure thing about the games is that most of them are HD games. Even this handheld game console is portable we cannot underestimate the graphic feature of it because it is totally awesome. The first example of featured games you can find for this console is Burn Zombie Burn! This game is not only a game made because of zombie apocalypse trend but more than that. Of course, this game is rather thrilling and because of that it is not really suitable to be played by casual gamers that avoid difficulties in playing games. One thing that you have to know about it is that the level of difficulty in each mission or objection will always be increased here.

Other example of featured games for Nvidia Shield is Hamilton Great Adventure THD. If the previous example seems to be too thrilling, this one is better in the way that the display of the game is decorated with fascinating views as parts of the adventure. There are several main things that can be found when playing this game. Those things are; solving problems, test skill with timing, and also collect thing which in this game is called as bling. Based on these examples of games featured with this game console, you might think that there is nothing different about playing Android games in this console and in other common android devices, including smartphones and also tablets. The fact is not like that because some games are especially optimized for this game console. It means that the gaming quality that we will get from it will be much better. Of course, it also means that better Android gaming experience is the one that we can get from the game console.


Get Free New PC Games Online

When you feel so bored, what will you do? Most people will choose to do all things that will make them feel fun. Some people who like to listen to the music can play MP3 and then listen to their favorite songs. Other people who like watching film can go to theater and then enjoy their favorite film. For you who like to play game, you just need to turn on your computer and then play your favorite games. Sometime you also feel so bored with your pc games. You need new pc games. It is simple for you to get new games via online. You can get pc games for free when you search via online.


One of new games that you can play is Robin’s Island Adventure. It is simple pc games for you. The main job for the player is to build a ship and then you must leave the island with the ship. Before you can leave the island, you must build a house in the island first. You also need to find all tools that will make you easy to build a ship. When you don’t pass this step yet, you will not be able to leave the island. You also must find the strategy to leave the island with your ship. It is important to know where will you go and then find the hidden object.


The final job for this game is to sail away and get all hidden objects. You must pass three levels and you can win the game. Before you play the game, you can see the tutorial first. You will need to read the tutorial because you need to use some tools in your keyboard to play this game. You can download this game for free. You need to find the latest version of this game and then start to download. Please make sure that your computer uses Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. It is simple but fun game for you. It can be played by all people even children. There are some other pc games that you can find in some sites in the internet too.