Fabulous Upcoming PS5 with High Specs

The world wide game, Play Station (PS), always presents more upgrade console system year by year with its technological innovation, and the latest is upcoming PS5. For example, the latest version of PS4 Pro, a mid-generation console upgrade that is expanded the hardware’s functionality. It becomes the system that is capable of both HDR and 4K gameplay. A question then comes up among game developer, what is the next version of playstation? It’s hard to say whether Sony will produce an upcoming PS5 and how its performance will be. Since the console market is currently in a weird place, this brings big implications for the form of PS5 might end up. However, the console company has also negotiation with the board member, what is the best PS4 quality that they should produce.

This probably invites all game developers and game players to question, even this is quite debatable topic to know what is Sony’s next project. Some think that depends on Microsoft which is considered as Sony’s rival in the competition of console game developer, does this year. If Microsoft has successfully released its latest project which is called Project Scorpio, that might becomes some difficult troubles that appears inside Sony company. It means that Sony should make the upcoming PS5 more spectacular. But, again, this is still mystery. Therefore, instead of twiddling our thumbs and waiting for Sony’s explanation, it is good if we figure out what PS5 is coming out especially the upcoming PS5 specs.

A group of people that pays attention to the development of console game believe that Microsoft as giant developer will launch a special system, it’s hardly means that Sony as a rival will encounter immediately the upcoming PS5. Some factors might influence to take the console system upgrade in a very long sequence, even a year, including the existence of upcoming PS5. Even Yoshida, CEO of Sony, considers that the more sustainable one console in a glass shelves, it will become more and more giving maximum profit. Meanwhile, the upcoming PS5 product will be prepared. The rumors might be spread out, but the answer is still not exact. Furthermore, the speculation raises to the surface about how if PS5 takes Virtual Reality (VR) to a new level. It’s a good bet that presuming VR is successful triggers Sony to return to the market with higher-tech innovation, which would provide an obvious selling point for the upcoming PS5 price which is suitable for its specs.


Amazing Nintendo Switch Released in Japan

Nintendo, Japan console game company, has released a new console game called Nintendo Switch. This latest Nintendo product is difficult to describe because it has many functions that appears in one simple yet complicated console. That’s why we call it unusual. The unusual Nintendo Switch is equipped with design of platform hybrid which is the combination if handheld/home console hybrid and gaming portable. This innovation makes the unusual Nintendo Switch can be played both at home and outside. You can connect it to your TV to play on the big screen with a controller or take it with you on the go by using a device like tablet. The high-powered handheld is, of course, completed with various different control configurations for each setup. Additional controller can also be added to the tablet, adjusted with the number of the players. Moreover, another advantage you can get from this device is the capability to save many files such as photos, musics, and videos. So, this game device has multiple advantages of console that is bundled in one package named Switch.

The unusual Nintendo Switch has the slimmest game lineup of the bunch so that you may not have immediate access to a huge array of titles and affordable Nintendo Switch Price. One of the popular games recently is the legend of Zelda, competing with the existence of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. 1-2 Switch and Scipperclips are still the other consoles where you can play. Unusual Nintendo Switch is also ready to release upcoming console game this month such as Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Arms. Then, if you want version of huge games that you can take it on the go, Skyrim is the best choice. The prediction is that skyrim will be the next favourite unusual Nintendo Switch game. Skyrim reimagines the open-world fantasy epic that brings you to life with a complete virtual world and you can explore any way you choose. Furthermore, you can play any type of character you can imagine and do whatever you want like choosing hundreds of weapons, spells, and abilities. Now, what else are you waiting for? Pick up your favourite game with nice Nintendo Switch Spec inside.


Wonderful League of the Legends Compared with Other Games

Computer games have dominated the online market for more than one decades, and one of them is League of the Legends. During this year, two games that attrack people’s attention are League of Legends and World of Warcraft. These games occupy the first and second rank. However, Blizzard exists in the third position and be a strong rival as well.

League of Legends has been well know in online market since 2012. This massive popular game has about 32 million unique players every month which means that there are 12 million people play this game per day. As its development, the number of people who play League of the Legends game increases fast, reaching 100 million players per month with around one billion hour-play. What makes you hesitate not to play this game? Regarding Blizzard game achievement for what they are doing, the fact that it takes the top three best computer games is not bad. Though it has drastic loss of player over the years, the game still makes it into top three. Blizzard should be happy that Overwatch quickly ranked in the top three, which directly stay still as one of the best computer games. Now, this is the right time to start playing the game since new MMO is ready.

Instead of the two games mentioned previously the World of warcraft apparently becomes the rival for the league of the legends in the online market. The lost subscribers is also experienced by World of Warcraft game last year. Nevertheless, this game still remains the second place of the chart, meaning that this game is still popular. The developer always tries to boost in players, moreover due to the Blizzard’s new game Overwatch. The expectation is WoW has about 5.5 million players per month. Most people also comment on this game that WoW game, especially Orcs & Humans which is got the movie treatment. Being rather polarizing to a lot of fans and critics, better if you directly check out the movie. Believe that you will get the most amusing and fantastic experiences to join the game. Don’t think that you are gamers if you aren’t gaming before installing League of the Legends player on your personal computer.